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Jun 16, 2020

Last night I attended a virtual forum that was a wrap-up of the scientific meetings of the American Diabetes Association (ADA). Let me be be honest with you here. I've not been a fan of the ADA pretty much since I started realizing that most of their guidelines seemed based on a "one size fits all" theory of treating Diabetes. (If you've been around here very long, you know that I think that this disease is just about as individual as every person afflicted with it.) I've also been frustrated by what I've seen as counter-intuitive treatment recommendations to lower blood sugar at the expense of all other health indicators. 

I did not have high hopes for the ADA meetings. To say I was pleasantly surprised would be a vast understatement.

After attending the forum last night, I'm planning to purchase the recordings of the entire meeting. Apparently, there have been moves within the ADA for a few years to move beyond the "gluco-centric" view of Diabetes treatment that only follows blood sugar and focuses on insulin and other medications whose primary goal is the reduction of blood sugar rather than the complete health of the person with Diabetes.

At this year's ADA, there was finally breakthrough and a shift to look at the entire cardio-metabolic health of people with Diabetes. Because I've only heard a few summaries and some commentary, I don't have direct news to report yet. I'll be starting to work my way through the recordings of the conference and will report on interesting findings as I go along. 

The reason this is such a big deal is that, though other endocrinology organizations have already been providing guidelines that consider other aspects of metabolic health for people with Diabetes, the ADA is the organization with the most power in the US and their guidelines are the ones generally adopted by medical practices. The sea change at the ADA means a trickle down of more comprehensive care at the clinic level as new guidelines take effect in the years to come.

I, for one, am excited to watch what happens! I'll keep you posted.


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