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Talking about Your Type 2 Diabetes Part 2

Aug 06, 2019

In Part 1 of this 2-part series about talking to your friends and family about your Type 2 Diabetes, I wrote about who to talk to, why to talk to them, and what they need to know about Type 2 Diabetes to really support you. 

I think some of the things people need to know about Diabetes are pretty heavy and I hope you spent a bit of time wrapping your mind around them and owning them. This isn’t the easy, breezy disease that we sometimes gloss over in our minds. Give yourself credit for taking charge of your health and facing your Diabetes head on!

 Let’s get back to the things you need to talk to your important people about. These tips are practical things you can tell your family and friends as they look for ways to support you. I’ve written these from a first-person perspective because it’s so personal. These are the things that I need and I’m guessing you do too. Of course, feel free to personalize these items for your situation.

People who...

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Talking about Your Type 2 Diabetes Part 1

Jul 30, 2019

Telling people about your Type 2 Diabetes is something that many people find difficult. One more thing in the middle of trying to figure out how to live with this diagnosis!

Even though it’s difficult, telling those closest to you about your diagnosis is important. Why?

  • They’re going to find out anyway. If you’re managing your diabetes with medication or lifestyle changes, chances are that your close family and friends are going to notice the changes.
  • If you talk to them, YOU get to set the expectations. People who love you are going to try and help you, even if you don’t want it. By talking to them first, you have a chance to tell them what’s helpful and what’s not.
  • Your friends and family care about you and want to help. Talking about it allows you to acknowledge that and set some boundaries and expectations around how you want to manage your disease.

So, who should you talk to? Your health is personal and you get to decide who you want to...

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