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Virtual Endocrinology Appointment

Apr 08, 2020

Today, I saw my Endocrinologist via a telehealth visit. As a patient, this was a new experience for me. I routinely have quick telephone check-ins with my own patients and since the advent of COVID-19, I've been offering appointments via Zoom video chat. As a solo provider, I don't have the resources for an official "telehealth" software suite so I was curious to see what it would be like to experience an appointment offered through a large corporate practice.

Yesterday, a medical assistant called me for my "pre-check-in." It was pretty much the same as being at an-in office appointment, except no one took my weight or blood pressure. I verified my allergies, current medications, and told the MA what I needed to talk to the Nurse Practitioner about. Because I wear a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) that provides excellent insight into my blood glucose over the past three months, I had opted not to go to the lab for my routine A1C test (3-month average of blood sugar). The...

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